Amex Trade has the purpose to join efforts to optimize the factors that influence the results of its clients’ export, import and logistic processes, reducing costs and increasing quality.

Thus, it will search for the best set of solutions on logistics, payment modality, management, which jointly optimize the result of the operation for the client, not disregarding the strict observance of laws and tax norms. For this purpose, it counts with specialized professionals in the different knowledge areas of international trade and in constant updating.

Continuous process improvement.

All the procedures, either logistic, operational or financial, are continuously revised to assure the best result/cost relation.

Administrative management.

Amex works utilizing the concept of personalized service, once placed the order with Amex, we keep the customer informed in all the stages until the final delivery of the good. Professionals whose afford a greater comprehension of the characteristics of the operations, who may service several clients according to the characteristics of the operation and of the products.

Amex’s professionals act as an extension of the clients’ teams.

Ethics and confidentiality.

Competitor companies will never have access to each other’s information, as we keep secrecy of their internal policies and secrecy of the confidential information.


Amex counts with the service of traditional law offices, which helps in the tax structuring of the operation and provide all the necessary support to resolve doubts related to the ongoing processes.


All the business processes are supported by a rational and practical technological infrastructure, which provides tranquility to the client.